I have cent values, retained as integers, that I need to convert to dollars and show them as a decimals.


A value is kept as 1925, so I need to be able to return 19.25.

This is what I had been doing in MySQL

format(price/ 100, 2) as amount

and when summing the value, I use

cast(SUM(price) / 100 AS DECIMAL(12, 2)) as total_amount

These seem to work fine, but when moving over to Redshift, I am not sure if I am using the right function.

Current attemtp

In Redshift, I try with

price :: DECIMAL(12, 2) as amount

and then

SUM(price)/ 100 :: DECIMAL(12, 2) as total_amount

In both instances, I get 4 decimal points in my results? Is using wrapping these functions with trunc(,2) a good way to solve this?

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