I got the following error in my MariaDB 10.x hostname.err log:

InnoDB: ###### Diagnostic info printed to the standard error stream
InnoDB: Error: semaphore wait has lasted > 600 seconds
InnoDB: We intentionally crash the server, because it appears to be hung.

Can someone please explain (as simply as possible ;-D) what a "semaphore wait" is within the context of MySQL/MariaDB?

All I could gather from Mr. Google is that they are "related to internal synchronization between threads in mysqld"

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    Scroll back in your error log. There should have been some prior warnings, such as --Thread %lu has waited at %s line %lu for %.2f seconds the semaphore: or InnoDB: Pending preads %lu, pwrites %lu. See anything? Also, what specific version of MariaDB 10.x.x are you running? The two most obvious causes of this are defective hardware -- such as a hard drive that is near failure but not actually returning errors because reads and/or writes eventually succeed but extremely slowly... or a bug in the server daemon itself causing a hang. – Michael - sqlbot Sep 13 '17 at 19:22

Semaphores throttle access to a resource. If it's not available a process has to wait until it is. Very long waits can signal that you have a deadlock situation and something needs to be killed to break it up.


A lock allows only one thread to enter the part that's locked and the lock is not shared with any other processes.

A mutex is the same as a lock but it can be system wide (shared by multiple processes).

A semaphore does the same as a mutex but allows x number of threads to enter, this can be used for example to limit the number of cpu, io or ram intensive tasks running at the same time.

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