So I need to find an individual rank for a record

I have these results


  • 524, 21056, 1, WI
  • 523, 20973, 2, WI
  • 477, 21411, 3, WI
  • 460, 20714, 4, WI
  • 394, 20974, 5, WI
  • plus a hundred more

I just want to have the result be one record, where the join_number is.. lets say: 20714 (rank 4) and show 460, 20714, 4

I found some sql with the find_in_set, but it didn't exist in my version, so I am stumped. Right now, this is all I have that works.

SELECT  JOIN_NUMBER, thestate, EmpTot,
     RANK() OVER (PARTITION BY thestate ORDER BY EmpTot DESC) AS RankResult 
FROM    thistable
WHERE   State = 'wi'
  • It's not clear what you mean by the query above "working", or entirely clear what your exact goal is. This would be easier to answer with such information, – RDFozz Sep 15 '17 at 18:37
  • I need to find an individual records rank in a database table. the below code is great, but I have to make it dynamic now. – Adam Sep 20 '17 at 14:08

Using a CTE, you can filter your windowed results

([EmpTot]      INT,
 [state]       CHAR(2)

(524, 21056, 'WI'),
(523, 20973, 'WI'),
(477, 21411, 'WI'),
(460, 20714, 'WI'),
(394, 20974, 'WI');

WITH cte
                RANK() OVER(PARTITION BY [state] ORDER BY [EmpTot] DESC) AS [RankResult]
         FROM [#temp]
         WHERE [state] = 'WI')
     SELECT EmpTot,JOIN_NUMBER,RankResult
     FROM [cte]
     WHERE [JOIN_NUMBER] = 20973;

DROP TABLE [#temp];
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