I have a user dbadmin, which has the highest permissions possible in AWS RDS.

Using dbadmin I created a database, foo, owned by fooadmin.

As fooadmin, I can CREATE SCHEMA in that database. As dbadmin, I cannot, I get this error:

create schema ff;
ERROR:  permission denied for database foo

My dbadmin user certainly has access to this database:

grant create on database foo to dbadmin;
WARNING:  no privileges were granted for "foo"

This is sort of the inverse of this question, which was asking how to elevate privileges for fooadmin.

update 1 for EvanC:

select user;
(1 row)

sdm=> create schema ff;
ERROR:  permission denied for database foo

update 2 workaround:

Inspired by this question, if I change the database owner to the dbadmin account, I can at least create schemas as that user. Obviously it means fooadmin can't create schemas anymore. I suppose I could change the owner, create schemas, then change the owner back.

  • In my hands, 'WARNING: no privileges were granted for "foo"' doesn't mean that dbadmin already had those privileges, but rather it means that whoever ran the command doesn't have the privilege to grant the privilege. – jjanes Sep 21 '17 at 15:43
  • @EvanCarroll added that. – tedder42 Sep 21 '17 at 20:07

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