The SQL Sever 2014 installation our company has is of SQL Server 2014 SE. I need to install the latest version of SQL Server on there.

I understand that I can install 2014 SE and then apply updates to bring it to SQL Server 2014 SP2 CU7, but I was wondering if there is a way to directly install it to the latest version using the installer?

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You could look into slip streaming the installation.

In order to slipstream the updates:

  • Download the necessary updates and store them in a location that you have access to (local or UNC path is fine).
  • Recent updates are just the .exe file; older CUs were compressed, so if necessary extract the files
  • open cmd
  • change directory to the root of the installation media
  • start setup.exe from cmd spcifying the necessary switches
    • Setup.exe /Action=Install /UpdateEnabled=TRUE /UpdateSource="updates path"

If this is something that you are likely to do regularly, it is possible to re-package the iso with these updates in.

  • Extract ISO image using a utility like 7zip or mount and copy to a directory
  • Create an updates folder on in the root of the extracted media
  • Copy in the required SP/CU
  • Recreate the ISO image using any iso image creator such as MagicISO

To use the slipstreamed files, open cmd and run similar to before:

Setup.exe /Action=Install /UpdateEnabled=TRUE /UpdateSource=".\updates"

For a detailed walk through with screenshots see here


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