I'm making a search page on my website and I have 3 different areas that need to be searchable.

Should I make an index table for each using MyISAM engine. Or should I just put the extra data inside of the previous tables using InnoDB?

  • MyISAM (separated index table)

    • benefits
      • faster loading/search
    • cons
      • need to use CRON jobs to update it daily, same data in 2 places
  • InnoDB (all data in same table)

    • benefits
      • data all in one place, easier to maintain, instant updating
    • cons
      • possibly slower loading times

Does anybody have any advice on this?

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You should use only InnoDB. Period, Full Stop.

MyISAM is going away. MyISAM is rarely faster than InnoDB.

With 5.6, you get FULLTEXT indexing in InnoDB. With 5.7, you get SPATIAL indexing. So, upgrade if you need to.

  • Awesome, thanks so much for the information. Sep 26, 2017 at 15:08

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