How to create customize primary key in MySQL?, example i have table and the table name is X, I have a table field as ID,Code,Name.

I am afraid if I have 1000 users and when they input together will result in destruction

and i want to :

INSERT INTO `X` (`ID`,`Code`,`Name`) VALUES 
('P3K','Alex'), // this primary key is "P3K-1"
('SOS','Force'), // this primary key is "SOS-1"
('P3K','Bash'), // this primary key is "P3K-2"

Right now, i using TRIGGER (BEFORE INSERT) for this, like this one:

  SELECT `x`.`Code` FROM `X` WHERE 
    X.`Code` = NEW.`Code` and 
LIMIT 1 ),'-',-1),0) + 1))

I did not try this code, but my point is:

  1. User insert
  2. Before insert I checking LAST Primary
  3. IF Null then i set 0, else i cut the symbol (-) and take the last part
  4. I increments (using [+ 1])
  5. Final, i concat CODE and New Number.

am i misguided? LOL, and if true, how to create like this one? (I THINK) We can do it and maybe no one knows about this, how does AI in MySQL work so perfectly?

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Do not make auto_increment any column you want to manipulate explicitly. That can confuse an engine and cause serious problems. If no column you have used for primary key are auto_increment you can do anything you want with them via triggers. Sure generated values will be rejected if they violate the mandatory uniqness of the primary key.


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