When I look at the Query Store reports for Top Resource Consuming Queries, there is one query that skews the report so much that I can barely see the next query because this one is so high.

Highest one: Total logical reads: 12956022792 execution count: 2458 plan count: 6

The next highest one: Total logical reads: 76670280 execution count: 106 plan count: 1

What are some recommendations for improving this query?

Here is the plan: https://www.brentozar.com/pastetheplan/?id=B1AlsOMn-

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  • Remove the OPTION(FORCE ORDER). This greatly limits the optimizer's freedom to find a good plan.
  • Modify the Index Seek indexes to include the columns referenced in the following Key Lookup operators (Output List and Predicate)
  • Capture actual (post-execution) plans for representative executions.
  • Consider adding OPTION (RECOMPILE) if different executions require different plan shapes to run well, or OPTIMIZE FOR hints for the main cases.

If nothing else, attempt to capture a post-execution plan for a problematic case, as the basis for your tuning efforts.

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