I have to restore an inpot.sql file to Oracle 11g server. I have access to SQL Developer and command line. Please show me an easy way to restore this. This is hosted in CentOS 7.

Note: This backup inpot.sql file has been taken in SQL Developer, not in RMAN. I am very new to Oracle and guidance is highly appreciated.

  • we would need to know what 'went wrong' to require this restore - and then we would need to know what's actually IN that .SQL file. Who you run it as and how you run it, or even IF you should run it as is are all questionable at this point. – thatjeffsmith Oct 18 '17 at 19:00

Connect the database with SQL Developer, then execute the .sql file as:

  • this task postponed for while. now its need to be done . Please clear me on this. Do I need need fresh database to execute this command . – Prabash Oct 26 '17 at 3:57

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