I am trying to implement some constraints on tables so that there is no tampering of the data from what is expected.

One of the constraints is on a varchar column. It should at least contain one non-numeric character.

How can I implement this constraint in SQL Server, and if I implement it, What will be the effect on the performance if any?

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A check constraint with a LIKE expression could be used to ensure at least one non-numeric character exists:

CHECK (YourColumn LIKE '%[^0-9]%')

The 0-9 range there might not be exactly right for you, depending on the collation of the varchar column. For example, using the common Latin1_General_CI_AS collation, the following additional characters would be considered numeric by the 0-9 test:


If that is a concern, expand the range explicitly:

CHECK (YourColumn LIKE '%[^0123456789]%')

I would expect negligible performance impact in either case.


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