We have 2-node WSFC, which is hosted on-premise in our datacenter This WSFC is running one clustered role which is SQL Server Availability Group

Node-1: Windows Server 2016 - two subnets - 192.168.7.xxx / 192.168.19.xxx
Node-2: Windows Server 2012 - two subnets - 192.168.7.xxx / 192.168.19.xxx

Cluster-1 CNO has two IP addresses under its resources as well - 192.168.7.xxx / 192.168.19.xxx There are two DNS records for Cluster CNO, that resolve to 7.xxx and 19.xxx

We are trying to add Azure virtual machine (Node-3) as a 3rd Node to WSFC Cluster-1

Node-3: Windows Server 2016 - one subnet - 10.1.0.xxx

But the "Add Node" operation fails in Failover Cluster Manager We get below errors:

Cluster service on node Node-3 did not reach the running state. The error code is 0x5b4.

Cluster node 'Node-3' failed to join the cluster because it could not communicate 
over the network with any other node in the cluster. 
Verify network connectivity and configuration of any network firewalls.

Cluster failed to start. The latest copy of cluster configuration data was not 
available within the set of nodes attempting to start the cluster. 
Changes to the cluster occurred while the set of nodes were not in membership and as a 
result were not able to receive configuration data updates

We opened ports below ports in Windows Firewall on all nodes, in Azure firewall for Node-3, and in pfSense hardware firewall

3343 TCP / UDP 135 TCP 137 UDP 445 TCP

Also we setup IPSec Site-to-Site connection between Azure VNet (10.1.0.xxx) and on-premise (192.168.7.xxx), so the two networks connected and see each other

But Azure VM still can not be added to WSFC

Could you help us to understand what else we need to configure, in order to add Azure Node-3 to On-Premise WSFC ?

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    Can you telnet to the Azure instance from both servers on all the required ports? This is going to a VM so you might need to do some investigating. Does this link help? support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2872325/…. Some MS employees used to recommend disabling a few items on the VM NIC: Get-NetAdapter | disable-NetAdapterChecksumOffload. Test at your own risk. – Ali Razeghi Oct 19 '17 at 20:54
  • @Ali, tried telnet from in-cluster node to Azure VM... could telnet on 135 and 445, but could not on 3343 and 137... but we opened 3343 and 137 in every firewall... why telnet reports that 3343 is still closed ? – Aleksey Vitsko Oct 22 '17 at 21:00
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    telnet only works on TCP, not UDP. Try this for UDP. Ensure your firewall has the ports specified as UDP as well. support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/310099/… – Ali Razeghi Oct 22 '17 at 22:38

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