I have two oracle database "orcl" and "orcl1" and each database i have two schemas( hr&log ) in the two databases with the same schema name . Now i have two tables table := A AND table := B . These tables are present in the database "orcl" in "HR" schema ,i want to import the data of the tables(A,B) from hr schema in orcl database to "log schema " in orcl1 database.Here i have created the structure of the tables (A & B) in hr schema in orcl1 database. When i use impdp command it is throwing error.

impdp hr/user@orcl1 tables=a,b directory=sys dumpfilename=a_b.dmp logfile=a_b.log

"table or object not found"

I have created both the objects in the orcl1 database and given necessary grants to the tables like select,insert to public

Can any one suggest me and approach .

Thank you.


It is not required to precreate the tables before importing.

First export the two tables:

expdp hr/user@orcl tables=a,b directory=sys dumpfilename=a_b.dmp logfile=a_b_exp.log

After that you can import them:

impdp hr/user@orcl1 tables=a,b directory=sys dumpfilename=a_b.dmp logfile=a_b_imp.log

Alternatively, create a database link in orcl1 pointing to orcl, and import the tables using it, without a dumpfile:

connect hr/user@orcl1
create database link orcl_link connect to hr identified by user using 'orcl';

impdp hr/user@orcl1 tables=a,b directory=sys network_link=orcl_link logfile=a_b_imp.log

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