I have multiple Sql Agent jobs, with multiple steps each. For a large subset of these jobs, I want to set the logging levels to PERFORMANCE instead of BASIC - the logs are taking a lot of log space, and, more importantly, are causing a slowdown for other processes.

I went into SysJobSteps, but there is no column that I can update. I am considering changing hundreds jobs so doing this manually isn't an option for me.

How do I do this using TSQL?

Here is an image of the 4 options available:

enter image description here


The logging level is held in the command column of msdb.dbo.sysjobsteps. By editing the command you can set the logging level you require. There is a system stored procedure - sp_update_jobstep - to achieve this.

From a quick look on my local system, SSIS job steps' commands seem to be a reasonably straight-forward concatenation of labeled values. A bit of regex and some substitutions should be sufficient.

  • Ah, just a bit of Regex. PowerShell should do the trick. – Erik Darling Nov 2 '17 at 5:49

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