Deal all, I am trying to mount a sharded mongodb server. I configured a replica set, and a configure replicat set. Both replicate are composd from 3 servers

root     23792     1  0 14:43 ?        00:01:55 mongod --replSet rs01 --journal --port 27102 --shardsvr --dbpath /mongo/rs01i01/ --logpath /mongo/rs01i01/mongo_102.log --fork
root     23820     1  0 14:44 ?        00:01:56 mongod --replSet rs01 --journal --port 27103 --shardsvr --dbpath /mongo/rs01i02/ --logpath /mongo/rs01i02/mongo_103.log --fork
root     23852     1  0 14:45 ?        00:01:21 mongod --replSet rs01 --journal --port 27101 --shardsvr --dbpath /mongo/rs01iar/ --logpath /mongo/rs01iar/mongo_101.log --fork
root     25240     1  0 16:18 ?        00:01:37 mongod --replSet conf --journal --port 27201 --dbpath /mongo/config --logpath /mongo/config/mongo_201.log --fork
root     25269     1  0 16:19 ?        00:01:37 mongod --replSet conf --journal --port 27202 --dbpath /mongo/config2 --logpath /mongo/config2/mongo_202.log --fork
root     25297     1  0 16:19 ?        00:01:38 mongod --replSet conf --journal --port 27203 --dbpath /mongo/config3 --logpath /mongo/config3/mongo_203.log --fork

However, when I try in the last step, to start mongo, the process is lunched (3 times :O ) but is not listening on the corresponding port.

mongos --port 27301 --configdb conf/,, --logpath /mongo/mongos/mongos_27301.log --fork
about to fork child process, waiting until server is ready for connections.
forked process: 9803

but, mongo does not connect on that port

mongo --port 27301
MongoDB shell version v3.4.10
connecting to: mongodb://
2017-11-01T22:56:00.898+0000 W NETWORK  [thread1] Failed to connect to, in(checking socket for error after poll), reason: Connection refused
2017-11-01T22:56:00.899+0000 E QUERY    [thread1] Error: couldn't connect to server, connection attempt failed :
exception: connect failed

Please help

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Your config servers mongod should have --configsvr parameter

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