I have a form that saves 2 narratives and a select option. If I place to many characters in the narrative box it will not save to the mysql table, but if I decrease the characters then it will save just fine.

I have set php.ini to allow longer post time var sizes so im not sure if I am missing anything else in the php.ini that anyone can think of.

Thank for any suggestions.

  • How many is "too many"? (That is, find out approximately what the cutoff it.) SHOW CREATE TABLE (so we can see how the target is declared). Are you using method=POST? – Rick James Nov 3 '17 at 21:46

It sounds like your data is to large for the constraints placed on the table/columns that you are trying to populate.

Take a look at the Data Types of the columns you are adding to and the Limits of those Data Types, then compare that to your values that are producing the errors.

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