I have a mysql server with 5.5. I tried to enable the binlog using the below config file.

server_id                      = 1
log_bin                        = /mysql/binlog/mysql_bin
expire_logs_days               = 14
sync_binlog                    = 1
max_binlog_size                = 100M

/mysql/binlog/ is owned by mysql:mysql

After restart mysql I got the below error.

mysqld: File '/mysql/binlog/mysql-bin.index' not found (Errcode: 13)

So I tried this command.

added this to my.cnf

binlog_do_db                   = mydb    
log_bin_index                  = /mysql/binlog/mysql-bin.index

And executed this commands.

touch /mysql/binlog/mysql-bin.index
chown mysql:mysql /mysql/binlog/mysql-bin.index

But still its throwing the same error.


Please never mind, I found a solution on this blog.

Still the mysql data directory points to /var/lib/mysql


Then did chmod 700 binlog.

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