I'm sorry it may sound stupid but I've been wondering about how multiple databases are automated before the virtualization era. Can a DB Adminsitrator make a stored procedure to get data from a remote RDBMS and select them into a local table?


Sure, in SQL Server at least you can set up a linked server to other SQL Servers, Oracle, MySQL etc. and pull data from them. There are other approaches as well (such as OPENQUERY). An example would be:

SELECT * INTO dbo.localtable FROM OtherServer.database.dbo.TableName;

In Oracle I think the equivalent is database link but I confess that I have never used it.


In Oracle, you can use a database link object to do it.

CREATE TABLE localtable as (SELECT * FROM remote_table@link_name)


Linked Server & Openquery suggested by @Aaron is simplest and fastest option for sql server to connect to remote server, but just to present the variety, you can also develop a SSIS package for sql 2005 & above or a DTS package for sql 2000, these are ETL tools of SQL server

  • SSIS/DTS seems overkill for a single table here and there. – Aaron Bertrand Jun 13 '12 at 1:37
  • indeed, i agree with you about this issue, in the OP its mentioned I've been wondering about how multiple databases are automated and to get data from a remote RDBMS , so incase @ugurcode wants to know different ways. – AmmarR Jun 13 '12 at 4:32

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