I have a data that I need to import on a xlsx file. The flow is simple, a person complete the information on this file, then put the file on a shared folder. Finally the ETL move the file to other location and load the data and put it on a SQL Table.

But for some strange reason now, the file load correct, but then fails. The error says

SSIS.Pipeline] Error: Error in the validation of "component" Excel Origin "(150)". The validation status "VS_NEEDSNEWMETADATA" was returned.

I realized that the dataource is not loading some columns that exists in the file.

I've tried creating a new datasource and new connection, but the problem persits. I think the problem is on the file, but how can I change the metadata to map the columns tha are missing.


Try removing then adding the Excel Source component in the DataFlow Task, Also try to set the DataFlow Task Delay Validation property to True

If the Error persists, i think that the issue is not with the columns name, it can be generated by the column data type, try adding ;IMEX=1 to the excel connection string so the data type are taken from the first row

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