When querying the dba_autotask_client view on a Oracle 12c database, I can see that the auto space advisor is enabled. Oracle docs says the findings are now implemented automatically. How can I view the results of this autotask?

-------------------------------- -------- -------------------- --------------------------------------------------
sql tuning advisor               ENABLED  ORA$AUTOTASK         +000000000 00:00:00.700000000
auto optimizer stats collection  ENABLED  ORA$AUTOTASK         +000000000 00:00:06.841993315
auto space advisor               ENABLED  ORA$AUTOTASK         +000000000 00:00:01.273776967

This auto task identifies segments that have space available for reclamation and makes recommendations on how to defragment those segments.

You can use DBMS_SPACE.ASA_RECOMMENDATIONS procedure to see the results.

Or you can see the same results in the Oracle Enterprise Manager.

For example: Go to Advisor Central and Select the Advisory Type as shown in the following screenshot(OEM 11g).

enter image description here


There is also a dba view showing the space advisor recommendation: DBA_ADVISOR_RECOMMENDATIONS

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