Assume I writing an email applicaiton. Now I want to send some messages to specified person, some messages to multiple person, some messages to specified group and some to all members. I am wondering in the best practice I have to treat every mail like a one instance mail, I mean I if I am sending mail to all I have to assign one record for every person or I can define a type field and from the code I must handle with codes.

  • Repeated data is usually a no-no. – Rick James Nov 24 '17 at 19:15
Mail Master table

MailID (PK)
Mail content 

Emp Master table

EmpID (PK)

Mail-Employee Mapping table

Mail-Employee_ID (auto increament id PK)
MailID (FK)
EmployeeID (FK)

Group_Master table

GroupID (auto increament PK)

Group_Employee_Mapping table

Group_Employee_ID (auto increament)
GroupID (FK)
EmployeeID (FK)
(GroupID+Employee are unique so Composite PK)

I think tables and their roles are self explanatory.

Some rule for Group Master:-

Group_Employee_Mapping is predefined in system :you have already mapped all employee and its group in this table.One employee can belong to many group .

If Group='All' don't store "All" employee in Group_Employee_Mapping Table.As this is unnecessary

If user select "All" select all employee from Employee Table ,send them mail and store each employee and mailid in "Mail-Employee Mapping" table

If user select any specific group then select those employee from Group_Employee_Mapping table,send them mail and store them in Mail-Employee Mapping

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