I have a 2 DC cluster, 'main' and 'bi' with a replication factor of 3 and a NetworkTopologyStrategy.

When I call LIST HOSTS; in cqlsh, my bi datacentre lists all the roles appropriately, but I get a NoHostAvailable: response from nodes in my main datacentre.

Any ideas?

Here is the keyspace description for the system_auth table --

CREATE KEYSPACE system_auth WITH replication = {'class': 'NetworkTopologyStrategy', 'bi': '3', 'main': '3'}  AND durable_writes = true;

All of my cassandra-rackdc.properties files correctly list their dc and rack.

As an aside, all selects work on all nodes.

  • What does nodetool describecluster say about your schema agreement? Also, is the cluster in the cloud or on bare metal? – Aaron Dec 13 '17 at 16:57

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