I am trying to import a csv file into Cassandra which is very long. These are food products: ingredients, nutrition, labels... It comes from Open Food Data. List information on food products: ingredients, nutritional information, labels, etc. Most of the data comes from crowdsourcing information. The file this envelope of the open platform of French public data.gouv.fr

The command I tried

I try the following command with all the columns that I was able to collect with a python script:

cqlsh> COPY bouffe(code, url, creator, created_t, created_datetime, last_modified_t, last_modified_datetime, product_name, generic_name, quantity, packaging, packaging_tags, brands, brands_tags, categories, categories_tags, categories_fr, origins, origins_tags, manufacturing_places, manufacturing_places_tags, labels, labels_tags, labels_fr, emb_codes, emb_codes_tags, first_packaging_code_geo, cities, cities_tags, purchase_places, stores, countries, countries_tags, countries_fr, ingredients_text, allergens, allergens_fr, traces, traces_tags, traces_fr, serving_size, no_nutriments, additives_n, additives, additives_tags, additives_fr, ingredients_from_palm_oil_n, ingredients_from_palm_oil, ingredients_from_palm_oil_tags, ingredients_that_may_be_from_palm_oil_n, ingredients_that_may_be_from_palm_oil, ingredients_that_may_be_from_palm_oil_tags, nutrition_grade_uk, nutrition_grade_fr, pnns_groups_1, pnns_groups_2, states, states_tags, states_fr, main_category, main_category_fr, image_url, image_small_url, energy_100g, energy-from-fat_100g, fat_100g, saturated-fat_100g, butyric-acid_100g, caproic-acid_100g, caprylic-acid_100g, capric-acid_100g, lauric-acid_100g, myristic-acid_100g, palmitic-acid_100g, stearic-acid_100g, arachidic-acid_100g, behenic-acid_100g, lignoceric-acid_100g, cerotic-acid_100g, montanic-acid_100g, melissic-acid_100g, monounsaturated-fat_100g, polyunsaturated-fat_100g, omega-3-fat_100g, alpha-linolenic-acid_100g, eicosapentaenoic-acid_100g, docosahexaenoic-acid_100g, omega-6-fat_100g, linoleic-acid_100g, arachidonic-acid_100g, gamma-linolenic-acid_100g, dihomo-gamma-linolenic-acid_100g, omega-9-fat_100g, oleic-acid_100g, elaidic-acid_100g, gondoic-acid_100g, mead-acid_100g, erucic-acid_100g, nervonic-acid_100g, trans-fat_100g, cholesterol_100g, carbohydrates_100g, sugars_100g, sucrose_100g, glucose_100g, fructose_100g, lactose_100g, maltose_100g, maltodextrins_100g, starch_100g, polyols_100g, fiber_100g, proteins_100g, casein_100g, serum-proteins_100g, nucleotides_100g, salt_100g, sodium_100g, alcohol_100g, vitamin-a_100g, beta-carotene_100g, vitamin-d_100g, vitamin-e_100g, vitamin-k_100g, vitamin-c_100g, vitamin-b1_100g, vitamin-b2_100g, vitamin-pp_100g, vitamin-b6_100g, vitamin-b9_100g, folates_100g, vitamin-b12_100g, biotin_100g, pantothenic-acid_100g, silica_100g, bicarbonate_100g, potassium_100g, chloride_100g, calcium_100g, phosphorus_100g, iron_100g, magnesium_100g, zinc_100g, copper_100g, manganese_100g, fluoride_100g, selenium_100g, chromium_100g, molybdenum_100g, iodine_100g, caffeine_100g, taurine_100g, ph_100g, fruits-vegetables-nuts_100g, fruits-vegetables-nuts-estimate_100g, collagen-meat-protein-ratio_100g, cocoa_100g, chlorophyl_100g, carbon-footprint_100g, nutrition-score-fr_100g, nutrition-score-uk_100g, glycemic-index_100g, water-hardness_100g) FROM 'bouffe.csv' WITH HEADER = true;

But it gives me the following error :

Failed to import 23 rows: ParseError - Invalid row length 84 should be 163,  given up without retries
Failed to import 47 rows: ParseError - Invalid row length 77 should be 163,  given up without retries
Failed to import 73 rows: ParseError - Invalid row length 52 should be 163,  given up without retries
Failed to import 5000 rows: Error - new-line character seen in unquoted field - do you need to open the file in universal-newline mode?,  given up after 1 attempts
Failed to import 2 rows: ParseError - Invalid row length 32 should be 163,  given up without retries
Failed to import 56 rows: ParseError - Invalid row length 69 should be 163,  given up without retries
Exceeded maximum number of insert errors 1000 Avg. rate:    7467 rows/s
Failed to process 192457 rows; failed rows written to import_k1_bouffe.err
Exceeded maximum number of insert errors 1000
Processed: 185000 rows; Rate:    4855 rows/s; Avg. rate:    7407 rows/s
185000 rows imported from 0 files in 24.977 seconds (0 skipped).

Beforehand, I had created :

create ColumnFamily Bouffe
(Code varchar PRIMARY KEY,
url varchar,

When I ask cassandra to describe my table I have :

cqlsh:k1> DESCRIBE TABLE bouffe;

CREATE TABLE k1.bouffe (
    code int PRIMARY KEY,
    additives text,
    additives_fr text,
    additives_n text,
    additives_tags text,
    alcohol_100g text,
    allergens text,
    allergens_fr text,
    alpha_linolenic_acid_100g text,
    arachidic_acid_100g text,
    arachidonic_acid_100g text,
    behenic_acid_100g text,
    beta_carotene_100g text,
    bicarbonate_100g text,
    biotin_100g text,
    brands text,
    brands_tags text,
    butyric_acid_100g text,
    caffeine_100g text,
    calcium_100g text,
    capric_acid_100g text,
    caproic_acid_100g text,
    caprylic_acid_100g text,
    carbohydrates_100g text,
    carbon_footprint_100g text,
    casein_100g text,
    categories text,
    categories_fr text,
    categories_tags text,
    cerotic_acid_100g text,
    chloride_100g text,
    chlorophyl_100g text,
    cholesterol_100g text,
    chromium_100g text,
    cities text,
    cities_tags text,
    cocoa_100g text,
    collagen_meat_protein_ratio_100g text,
    copper_100g text,
    countries text,
    countries_fr text,
    countries_tags text,
    created_datetime text,
    created_t text,
    creator text,
    dihomo_gamma_linolenic_acid_100g text,
    docosahexaenoic_acid_100g text,
    eicosapentaenoic_acid_100g text,
    elaidic_acid_100g text,
    emb_codes text,
    emb_codes_tags text,
    energy_100g text,
    energy_from_fat_100g text,
    erucic_acid_100g text,
    fat_100g text,
    fiber_100g text,
    first_packaging_code_geo text,
    fluoride_100g text,
    folates_100g text,
    fructose_100g text,
    fruits_vegetables_nuts_100g text,
    fruits_vegetables_nuts_estimate_100g text,
    gamma_linolenic_acid_100g text,
    generic_name text,
    glucose_100g text,
    glycemic_index_100g text,
    gondoic_acid_100g text,
    image_small_url text,
    image_url text,
    ingredients_from_palm_oil text,
    ingredients_from_palm_oil_n text,
    ingredients_from_palm_oil_tags text,
    ingredients_text text,
    ingredients_that_may_be_from_palm_oil text,
    ingredients_that_may_be_from_palm_oil_n text,
    ingredients_that_may_be_from_palm_oil_tags text,
    iodine_100g text,
    iron_100g text,
    labels text,
    labels_fr text,
    labels_tags text,
    lactose_100g text,
    last_modified_datetime text,
    last_modified_t text,
    lauric_acid_100g text,
    lignoceric_acid_100g text,
    linoleic_acid_100g text,
    magnesium_100g text,
    main_category text,
    main_category_fr text,
    maltodextrins_100g text,
    maltose_100g text,
    manganese_100g text,
    manufacturing_places text,
    manufacturing_places_tags text,
    mead_acid_100g text,
    melissic_acid_100g text,
    molybdenum_100g text,
    monounsaturated_fat_100g text,
    montanic_acid_100g text,
    myristic_acid_100g text,
    nervonic_acid_100g text,
    no_nutriments text,
    nucleotides_100g text,
    nutrition_grade_fr text,
    nutrition_grade_uk text,
    nutrition_score_fr_100g text,
    nutrition_score_uk_100g text,
    oleic_acid_100g text,
    omega_3_fat_100g text,
    omega_6_fat_100g text,
    omega_9_fat_100g text,
    origins text,
    origins_tags text,
    packaging text,
    packaging_tags text,
    palmitic_acid_100g text,
    pantothenic_acid_100g text,
    ph_100g text,
    phosphorus_100g text,
    pnns_groups_1 text,
    pnns_groups_2 text,
    polyols_100g text,
    polyunsaturated_fat_100g text,
    potassium_100g text,
    product_name text,
    proteins_100g text,
    purchase_places text,
    quantity text,
    salt_100g text,
    saturated_fat_100g text,
    selenium_100g text,
    serum_proteins_100g text,
    serving_size text,
    silica_100g text,
    sodium_100g text,
    starch_100g text,
    states text,
    states_fr text,
    states_tags text,
    stearic_acid_100g text,
    stores text,
    sucrose_100g text,
    sugars_100g text,
    taurine_100g text,
    traces text,
    traces_fr text,
    traces_tags text,
    trans_fat_100g text,
    url text,
    vitamin_a_100g text,
    vitamin_b12_100g text,
    vitamin_b1_100g text,
    vitamin_b2_100g text,
    vitamin_b6_100g text,
    vitamin_b9_100g text,
    vitamin_c_100g text,
    vitamin_d_100g text,
    vitamin_e_100g text,
    vitamin_k_100g text,
    vitamin_pp_100g text,
    water_hardness_100g text,
    zinc_100g text
) WITH bloom_filter_fp_chance = 0.01
    AND caching = {'keys': 'ALL', 'rows_per_partition': 'NONE'}
    AND comment = ''
    AND compaction = {'class': 'org.apache.cassandra.db.compaction.SizeTieredCompactionStrategy', 'max_threshold': '32', 'min_threshold': '4'}
    AND compression = {'chunk_length_in_kb': '64', 'class': 'org.apache.cassandra.io.compress.LZ4Compressor'}
    AND crc_check_chance = 1.0
    AND dclocal_read_repair_chance = 0.1
    AND default_time_to_live = 0
    AND gc_grace_seconds = 864000
    AND max_index_interval = 2048
    AND memtable_flush_period_in_ms = 0
    AND min_index_interval = 128
    AND read_repair_chance = 0.0
    AND speculative_retry = '99PERCENTILE';

What does the data looks like

there are columns that are not below a column heading water-hardness_100g:

foto que proviene de librofiice que muestra que hay cosas despues de water-hardness_100g

Thus, how to import a huge csv file into Cassandra ?

The idea I have at the moment is to create a csv file with python in order to fill empty spaces between , with NaN.

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Use Cassandra BulkLoader (earlier referred to as SSTableloader). The details of how to execute the load is clearly explained here https://www.datastax.com/dev/blog/using-the-cassandra-bulk-loader-updated


A bit late, but I had a quick look at the data.

The following settings should be fine:

Separated by: only select 'Tab'
Text delimiter: use none

There are quotes in some fields, but the fields themselves are not quoted.


Now you can use DataStax's bulk loader to import or export big amounts of data in CSV/JSON formats. This tool is very flexible regarding the mapping of data in CSV/JSON into tables. In simplest case, when you have columns in CSV matching the columns in table you can just use:

dsbulk load -url file.csv -k keyspace -t table

If columns in table have different names than in CSV, then you'll need to provide mapping with -m command line switch. You can find more examples of usage in following series of blog posts.

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