I’m using Ola Hallengren’s maintenance and backup solution and looking into leveraging TDE compression as I have all the databases in instance using TDE impression. Is there a way of getting benefit of TDE compression with Ola’s solution?


According to Ola's SQL Server Maintenance Solution Version History (highlighting mine)

25 Sep 2016

Improved handling of databases with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) together with backup compression. If you have databases with TDE in SQL Server 2014 and earlier, backup compression is not used. If you have databases with TDE in SQL Server 2016, backup compression is used if MAXTRANSFERSIZE is greater than 65536.

You should make sure that you can restore these compressed backups. There were some problems as referenced by this Stack Exchange post (Unable to restore TDE enabled database when MAXTRANSFERSIZE and CHECKSUM is used)

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