I have CDC and Replication configured on an Always On cluster. I had to patch the SQL Server on Node 1 so I failed over the instance to node 2 and started patching node1.

After about an hour one of the log reader agent jobs started failing with the below error

"The process could not execute sp_replcmds..."

When I looked at the start of the failure in history, it says

"Failed to insert rows into Change Data Capture change tables."

So I queried sys.dm_cdc_errors and the error was

Error converting data type varchar to uniqueidentifier.

I am a noob with CDC. Looks like it has nothing to do with Replication and its a CDC error.

Looking for suggestions on how to narrow down the issue, may be to the table causing the error?

Update Now another log reader agent is failing with the similar error.

Procedure or function sp_batchinsert_1350295870 has too many arguments specified. Failed to insert rows into Change Data Capture change tables.

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I think its the same as this

But I was upgrading to SP2 CU7. Anyway I disabled and re-enable the CDC and the log reader agent resumed.

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