I installed Oracle database 10g as an administrator on a windows 10 machine, it worked fine, but when i try to connect sys as sysdba it gives me the error:

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

I checked sqlnet.ora file and if SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES is NTS and it is:


I added the user to the ORA_DBA group and i checked with:

c:\Oracle>echo %username%



and the user is in the group.

I don't know what else i should do, anything will be helpful.

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Are you connecting as

 sys as sysdba


 / as sysdba


If you are using the first option, is it prompting you for a password, and are you entering the password for the user? Did you create a local Windows user account as the user, not the user id used to install the software? Oracle recommends a user with administrators group install the software, and a local Windows user be defined for the sys and system accounts.

  • i am using "sys as sysdba" and it is not asking me for a password, and i didn't create any local windows user. I installed the software as an administrator that's all, it works in other machines (windows server 2012) i don't know about this one, the only difference other than the OS is the oracle folder is in D partition.
    – zenami
    Dec 14, 2017 at 15:59
  • Hmmmm. Sorry; not sure what else to check. It should not matter that Oracle is on d: drive; I would just check the registry key in regedit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Oracle\KEY_* where * is your oracle home registry folder name. Dec 14, 2017 at 16:51
  • check for what in the registry?
    – zenami
    Dec 14, 2017 at 18:18
  • Check if ORACLE_HOME is set to what you expect, etc. I'm struggling through some similar issues so sorry I cannot offer more details. Dec 16, 2017 at 1:04

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