In a PostgreSQL 9.6 database, I'm using this sql to get 'application' (field) -> 'tour_id.id' (key and subkey in jsonb field)

FROM "payment" WHERE ("payment"."application"#>>'{}')::text 
LIKE '%a43d38d4-9bfb-4ffa-8704-e536f04b0c60%'
ORDER BY "payment"."createdAt" DESC;

My id is unique, but really I'd like to do it the right way in Postgres. (I know how to do it with a key, but not with a subkey.)

Example jsonb value:

   {"id":"a43d38d4-9bfb-4ffa-8704-e536f04b0c60","name":"Terre Sainte 2018"},
   "customer_id":{"id":"f492b26d-d260-4bcb-8e96-6532fdf38665","name":"OBAMA John"},

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I'm using this sql to get 'application' (field) -> 'tour_id.id'

Assuming you meant to ask:

I'm using this SQL query to retrieve the row where application #>> '{0, tour_id, id}' equals the provided UUID.

.. which already carries half an answer.

If your outer JSON array only has a single element like your example value implies, use this simple query:

FROM   payment
WHERE  application #>> '{0, tour_id, id}' = 'a43d38d4-9bfb-4ffa-8704-e536f04b0c60'
ORDER  BY "createdAt" DESC;

Note how I replaced the (assumingly) unneeded fuzziness of
like '%a43d38d4-9bfb-4ffa-8704-e536f04b0c60%'
with simpler and faster
= 'a43d38d4-9bfb-4ffa-8704-e536f04b0c60'.

Else (for any number of elements in the outer JSON array):

FROM   payment
WHERE  application @> '[{"tour_id": {"id":"a43d38d4-9bfb-4ffa-8704-e536f04b0c60"}}]'
ORDER  BY "createdAt" DESC;

That's the jsonb containment operator @>, which can be supported with a generic index or a more specialized jsonb_path_ops index. Instructions and links:

The manual hints:

For a full description of jsonb containment and existence semantics, see Section 8.14.3.

  • thanks, tour_id can be repeated inside the array, in elements 0,1,2 with different values so the right is application @> '[{"tour_id": {"id":"a43d38d4-9bfb-4ffa-8704-e536f04b0c60"}}] ? in that case how to index a subkey, inside in array is possible?
    – stackdave
    Commented Dec 18, 2017 at 3:35
  • it's very nice your solution about look for the first element, sometimes i need to look for that: application #>> '{0, tour_id, id}' , it would be nice if posgres can allo me look for application #>> '{*, tour_id, id}' , because @> maybe is slower, because look in subkeys of subkeys tree?
    – stackdave
    Commented Dec 18, 2017 at 3:38
  • @stackdave: Supported with a json_path_ops index, the 2nd query should be fast. To index only (multiple) id values, you need a special expression index, which might be considerably smaller ... If you need help with this index, ask a new question with exact details: is id a valid uuid? Typical queries - just what we see here? Commented Dec 18, 2017 at 4:41
  • thanks, i've just created a new question, trying give more details about the database logic
    – stackdave
    Commented Dec 18, 2017 at 5:03
  • hello again , how can i use @> to look with like '%Par%' [{"city":"Paris","country":"FRA"},{"city":"Parana","country":"ARG"}] ; write I another question ? thanks again
    – stackdave
    Commented Dec 18, 2017 at 14:41

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