I have a SSAS Tabular server with 30 database.

I also have a scheduled process to backup all databases daily.

When I run the process which is an SSIS package with script task using AMO, I get this error :

The 'Database' with 'ID' = 'nameofdatabase' doesn't exist in the collection.

The backup process is running under the service account credential and it successfully backs up 27 databases but fails for only 3 of them.

I checked those databases and don't see anything special on them.

I googled the error message and most of the issues are related to deploying or processing the database. I don't see any reason for failing the backup.

What is the problem and how I can resolve this issue?


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One thing that could cause this is if you use the Name of the database instead of the ID.

For example, I created a database with with the name Demo1, so the ID defaulted to the same string.

Afterwards I renamed the database, but that doesn't change the ID.

If your AMO script uses the name string instead of the ID string that could cause this error.

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As Tom V mentioned I need to use Name instead of ID in my C# AMO code.

currently my code is

Server server = new Server();
server.Connect(@"data source=" + asServer);
Database db = server.Databases[dbName];
    new BackupInfo
        AllowOverwrite = true,
        ApplyCompression = true,
        File = fileName

server.Databases[dbName] searches the collection with ID of the database. To use Name for finding the database I need to use below code

Database db = server.Databases.FindByName(dbName);

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