I want to fetch the oracle user login detail for the month February. I tried the below query.

select distinct 
from  dba_audit_session 
where timestamp between '01-FEB-2017' 
                    and '28-FEB-2017' 
order by timestamp;

but I need the IP address as well. Can anyone help me! how to fetch the user IP address along each user session?

I am stuck here.

I have check dba_audit_trail table as well but didn't help.

I need the below columns:

username,os_user,logon_date,logoff_date,IPADDR, terminal, sessionid,hostname.

According to AskTom, "you can get the client ip address if you audit connect, it is in the comments column of the audit trail, you have to parse it out.". That's from 2003 but I think it is still the case:

select comment$text from sys.aud$

or possibly:

select comment_text from dba_audit_trail;

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