I am using mysql innodb cluster. Connect to my instance use \c root@localhost:3306.
The error message pops out when I issue var cluster = dba.getCluster('testCluster').

I've already created the cluster in last session. But when I reconnect it does not work anymore.

The only thing I changed is hostname from localhost to db005 and restart mysql server. Don't even know if it has something to do with my problem. Anybody has idea what happened?

Did some searches on google. Seems this is the only resource from mysql forum. But still not able to solve my problem.



It seems the node from the one you are trying to use the command is not part of the Cluster. What you can do is to try to get the status from another node.

If this is not possible, then try to execute:

mysql-js> var cluster = dba.rebootClusterFromCompleteOutage();

Anyway, check the follow article: https://mysqlserverteam.com/innodb-cluster-in-opc-part2/

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