I have table with a string field ID with values looking like this:


I want to select all the records from the ID field that begin with a 0 and have a letter in them, e.g 000A345B or 0A32C450. I also want to select records that begin with zero and contain a -, / or a space.

Note that records should begin with 0.

How do I resolve this?


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You can catch any starting with 0 and having a letter in it using


You can catch any starting with 0 and having the characters 'A', '-', or '/' in them using

WHERE ID LIKE '0%[-A/]%'

You can also combine an explicit list and a range in one expression. You just need to remember that if the list includes a -, you need to specify it first, then list other characters and/or character ranges. To match all your requirements, for example, the predicate would look like this:

WHERE ID LIKE '0%[- /A-Z]%'

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