i've search a lot about this thread without results.
we don't know how to resolve this:
DB : mariaDB
SERVER: Microsoft Azure
enviroment: Nodejs with Knex (pool connections, min 0 max 300)

our client app stop to catch db response, without an error, except for (Got an error reading communication packets)

if we try to connect to mysql through Navicat/TablePlus/MysqlWorkbench (or even our app in local) during the error we still receive the data from db. we don't know how to resolve it, since wednesday.

any idea about it?

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Try to increase your connection pool min size 5 instead of 0.

From DB side, verify the timeout variables and connection pool variables like

wait_timeout & interactive_timeout >=  app connection pool timeouts.  (db timeouts should not be less than app timeouts).    And check to make sure the value of max_allowed_packet is high enough. Lastly increase enough net_read and net_write timeouts from DB side.

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