I'm trying to query for a key present in an array of objects. This structure:

column jdata
{"name": "Somedata",
 "array": [ {"name":"bla1", "attr": "somevalue"}, 
            {"name":"bla2", "otherdata": "somevalue2"},
            {"name":"bla3", "otherdata": "somevalue"}
"otherstuff": "stuff"

Now I do btree's on jdata->'name' or (jdata->'datetime')::cast and that works great.

I also do json_path_ops where jdata->'array' @> '[{"name":"bla3"}]' works a real charm.

My problem is the attr key can be in any of the objects in the array and I care about the record if the key is present, however the value can be nearly anything. Is there a way to query for this? Is there a way it can be indexed? I want to do jdata->'array' @> '[{"attr": ?}]' Or maybe the ? 'attr' can be used inside and array somehow?

Currently I am thinking a trigger that scans for the key and then moves it to a header with a true or false or whatever, and then a normal btree will work. Is there a better way? I need to edit around 500k records at the average site to add this values.

Please point me in a direction.

  • We need the input and the desired output. – Evan Carroll Jan 30 '18 at 17:08

That particular use case is not currently (pg 10) covered by plain indexes for built-in operators.

Simple query without index support

FROM   tbl
   FROM   jsonb_array_elements(jdata->'array') elem
   WHERE  elem ? 'attr' 

EXISTS because we want each qualifying row once, even if multiple array elements can contain the key. And it's faster.
But this query cannot use an index.

Expression index

You can generate a text array of unique keys in the given jsonb array of records - and wrap the expression into a simple IMMUTABLE function:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION jsonb_arr_record_keys(jsonb)
   FROM   jsonb_array_elements($1) elem, jsonb_object_keys(elem) k

COMMENT ON FUNCTION jsonb_arr_record_keys(jsonb) IS '
   Generates text array of unique keys in jsonb array of records.
   Fails if any array element is not a record!';

Then create a GIN expression index based on this function:

CREATE INDEX tbl_special_idx ON tbl USING gin (jsonb_arr_record_keys(jdata->'array'));

Query like this, using the generic array contains operator @>:

FROM   tbl
WHERE  jsonb_arr_record_keys(jdata->'array') @> '{attr}';

Now the index can be used efficiently.

Provide the key name nested in an array ('{attr}'). (You can conveniently check for multiple keys this way ('{attr1, attr2}') or similar ... )

dbfiddle here


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Is there a way it can be indexed?

Yes, however PostgreSQL can't JSON arrays like that so you'll have to write a function to simplify the structure. Then you can index on that function.

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