How can I configure my MariaDB client (mysql) so that I don't have to enter a password to connect, regardless of which host I am connecting to?

I can't just put a password in the [client] section of ~/.my.cnf because that would apply all hosts.

For example, I'd like to be able to connection with mysql -h myhost mydatabase, ie. without specifying username or password. Even better would be the ability to specify a "host alias" instead of the actual (awkwardly long) hostname.

It sounds like this is possible in MySQL with the mysql-config-editor but MariaDB does not have this feature.


In ~/.my.cnf make sections like:



Then make an alias (assuming Linux-like OS - depending on shell, you can perhaps put the alias in ~/.bashrc_local):

alias mysql="mysql --defaults-group-suffix=\`hostname --short\`"

Now you can connect without specifying the password to any of the hosts for which you have stored the credentials in ~/.my.cnf. (These would be my_host_name_1 and my_host_name_2 in my example above.)

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  • Clever. A bit awkward, but it meets my needs. Thanks. – Jared Beck Feb 2 '18 at 23:39
  • sounds similar to the answer below, very similar. – andres Feb 3 '18 at 14:25

I have used the mysql_config_editor years ago it works, very well. And it is an option for you. other options will be to create some alias as long as you are using linux/mac: something like alias mysqlserver1='mysql -ulalala -plalalapass -hserver1'

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