I am trying to get sp_AllNightLog running on an existing server that had regular SQL log shipping (now removed) and Ola Hallengren's backup utility for nightly backups.

I have the procs and jobs configured, but they only take log backups, so it won't seed the secondary server.

I assume this is due to Ola's scripts having been run on the DBs before so they are not reverting to a full back up. How can I force the full backup on first run?

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Great job on troubleshooting, and yes, you are correct. Ola Hallengren's backup scripts need a change as described in this Github issue for his scripts:


Ola hasn't accepted the pull request yet (he's fairly new to Github), so if you want to use my fixed version with the new parameters I describe in that issue, here's my repo:


If all that sounds too scary - and I wouldn't blame you - then you'll need to seed the restores yourself manually for each new database.

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