I have the following entities: Producer, Consumer.

A Producer produces Food for the Consumer. 
A Consumer consumes Food produced by the Producer. 

Now I am tasked to design a schema which maps which consumers can eat food produced by each producer.

As an example, I have Producers p1, p2, p3 and Consumers c1, c2, c3.

   c1  c2  c3
p1  N   Y   N
p2  Y   N   N
p3  N   N   Y

where N = No and Y = Yes

Keep in mind that

  1. the number of consumers and producers will keep growing.
  2. the default state of whether a consumer can eat food from a new producer is No

How should I define this schema?


One approach I thought of is to create a table

producer_consumer_allowed (producer_id, consumer_id).

A consumer is allowed to consume food from a producer if an entry for both this producer and consumer exist in this table.

Whenever we add a new producer, we do not need to do anything since the default state of consumers-producers is No.

Whenever we add consumers, we also do not need to add entires into this table since the default state is also No.

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