I am using SSRS 2016 and Report Builder. I need the page breakinging with a group to be conditional on the value of a parameter. Does anyone know if this is even possible?


  • I used to place "invisible" (no border/transparent background) text boxes or rectangles where I needed page breaks and then add the "page break before" or "page break after" on that invisible object. This was in SSRS 2008 so not sure if it's still possible. – MguerraTorres Feb 22 '18 at 15:42
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    Thanks, I may try that if another solution doesn't appear. – Steve_Malcolm Feb 22 '18 at 16:25

Another workaround, which seems to work quite nicely - place a parent group of the group you want to selectively break on, then in Group Properties for that, group on a derived expression of either the group field, or a fixed value. And then tick the box for that grouping as per your screenshot.

e.g. Assuming a parameter called "BreakPages", and a grouping on a field called "MyGroupField", you group on:

=iif(Parameters!BreakPages.Value="Y", Fields!MyGroupField.Value, "None")

You don't need to display any fields in this special group, it'll simply use the page break setting as per your requirements..

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