I am currently using Microsoft Access 2016 to develop a database for a music store and a hospitality store (both with the same owner). I call it "WakesMusicDB." It is close to completion and I'm just adding the final touches to it.

This should be an easy one for you guys to answer. As my assistant pointed out the other day, "Is there any way to set the password character for an MS Access (2016) InputBox password verification prompt?" (...So that it is, for example, the asterisk '*' character?)

Access password prompt

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Bit late but here is a sample database that you can download and use modern UI inputboxes.Github Sample

This is a .NET dll wapper project for VBA users without installation. Have a look.

After linking the Dll, you can use it like tis.

'        Password        = 1, : Masked using systempassword mask
'        Text            = 2, : Single line text:
'        MultilineText   = 32, : Multi line text box
'        Number          = 4, : Numbers only
'        ShortDate       = 8, : Masked dd/mm/yyyy. Dates are validated upon exit
'        LongDate        = 16,  : masked using dd/Month/yyyy
'        DateTime        = 48,  : masked using dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss
' With the dll in place, use it as

  result = gDll.DLL.showinputbox(Type:=32, Title:="", Message:="Tell us what happened on that day!", ThemeBg:="", ThemeForeColour:="")

Note: Please have the habbit to always scann dlls for AV threats.

Different colour

Input box picture

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