I'm in need of a bit of assistance.

I ran sp_Blitz on one of my SQL Servers and one of the results it returned is "1531 plans are present for a single query in the plan cache - meaning we probably have parameterization issues.".

I followed the link in the result.

I then ran sp_BlitzCache @ExpertMode = 1 to find queries with multiple plans but the #Plans and #Distinct Plans columns both return the value 1 for all rows.

How do I proceed to isolate the single query that has multiple plans?

Environment: SQL 2012 SP3 CU8

sp_BlitzCache version 5.7

  • Did you get 1531+ results for sp_BlitzCache @ExpertMode = 1 each with a 1 in the #Plans and #DistinctPlans column? – John K. N. Feb 28 '18 at 8:53
  • Nope - sp_BlitzCache returned 10 rows 1 each with a 1 in the #Plans and #DistinctPlans column. – Sicilian-Najdorf Feb 28 '18 at 9:01

So close! Problem is you didn't actually read the page you linked to, which says:

If you’d like to find more queries that sp_BlitzCache didn’t report as performance problems, this query will list all of them in the cache:

Run that query and bask in the warm knowledge that comes with reading - not just clicking on - the documentation. ;-)


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