I'm using Maria 10.2.13 on Windows Server 2012 and I want to use GSSAPI authentication with it so that we can continue using windows auth.

I have followed this tutorial: https://mariadb.com/kb/en/library/authentication-plugin-gssapi/#comment_3261

Im getting the following error when trying to login via ODBC:

[ma-3.0.3] Plugin auth_gssapi_client could not be loaded: The specified module 
could not be found 

I've checked and the plugin_dir is pointing at the right folder. \MariaDB 10.2\lib\plugin\

Can anyone advise?

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I see in the comments to the MariaDB tutorial page you linked to that you have set plugin_dir in you my.ini file. However, I think this will only work if it's in a section of my.ini that the mysql client can/will read, such as the [mysql] section (not [mysqld]).

Assuming us1 was created as IDENTIFIED VIA gssapi and everything else is correctly configured: Have you tried connecting just with the mysql client?

mysql --plugin-dir=/path/to/plugin-dir -u usr1

If plugin_dir is in the right section of my.ini, then this should also work:

mysql -u usr1

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