The problem started when a table, started not to fetch a single SELECT. It was only a SELECT * FROM table; and it started to run and never stopped. After several attempts, all of them failed, and then I tried to drop the table (it has backups), but the SAME problem happened.

My last, and failed attempt was to rename the table and then restore a backup table.

I tried to use MySQL Workbench feature to Alter Tables but, Windows error (I use Windows 7 at my job). Windows offered me to "Try to restore the program" and it indicates me it was an "Error Getting DDL Object". Then I checked the tables information, and DDL tab was empty.

So.... I don't what to do. Is there a way to change this DDL? Or maybe another way?

  • I already tried to add a column too.
    – Cauan Martins
    Commented Feb 22, 2018 at 17:11

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I discovered, after a long research, that it could be a process which wans't interrupted (somehow).

Then it was only:

show processlist;
kill [ID of the running process];

And then I was able to drop/alter that table.


In my case, I got the same error message with a full disk at the server side where MySQL was running. Obviously, MySQL server failed to run correctly.

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