I am using Ola Hallengren backup solution in all our environment, I have a very big Backup file which is taking 10+ hours to complete, so I am thinking to split SQL Server Full backup files.

anyone know how to split backup files in ola hallengren backup solution or else tell me if I need to create different maintenance plan only for one BIG DB

Thanks, Ven

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In addition to Scott's answer, there is also the NumberOfFiles parameter which would let you create multiple files under the same directory, if desired.


According to the documentation for Ola's BACKUP solution, you can specify the DIRECTORY parameter with multiple directories. Quoting from the documentation:

If you specify multiple directories, then the backup files are striped evenly across the directories. Specify multiple directories by using the comma (,). If no directory is specified, then the SQL Server default backup directory is used.

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