In order to enable operator notifications I navigated to SQL Server Agent/Properties/Alert System/Mail Session, checked "Enable mail Profile", selected Mail System and Mail Profile. At this time Test button next to the Mail Profile was disabled, so I clicked OK and decided to return to this configuration dialog later.

This worked and notification are being sent but when I returned to this configuration dialog later the Test button is still disabled.

Can anyone explain that?

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    I don't have a way to prove it, but I suspect that the test button would become available if you chose SQL MAIL (which is no longer supported) rather than Database Mail. Naturally, you can alway test Database Mail by right-clicking that node and choosing send test email Commented Mar 6, 2018 at 14:46

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Test button referred in the question is only available for older version of SQL Servers that supported SQL Mail. Below picture is from a SQL2008 SP4 instance where you can use the test button.

enter image description here

From books online:

SQL Mail is not installed by default in SQL Server. For more information, see Understanding Surface Area Configuration. SQL Mail is not supported on 64-bit versions of SQL Server. SQL Mail stored procedures cannot be installed on 64-bit versions.

For Database mail you can use this feature for testing.

Using SSMS, Instnace-->Management-->Database Mail-->Right click-->Sent test Email.

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