I have a table for article that save the category for each article.
I want to update the sort order, but categorywise using a single query.
I am using this for data migration using bulk inserts and updated, so it looping the data is not a feasible solution.

id      category_id         sort_order
10          5                   1
11          5                   2
12          5                   3
13          6                   1
14          6                   2
15          6                   3
16          7                   1
17          8                   1
18          8                   2
19          7                   2
20          8                   3

Is it possible to do this in a single query?

I have written the query for update sequentially on all rows. But unable to do it categorywise. The query i have written is below

SET @so = 0;
UPDATE article A
INNER JOIN  category M ON A.category_id = M.id
SET A.sort_id = (@i := @i + 1)
WHERE A.user_id = 1;


  • Please provide CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements so that the problem can be easily reproduced – Lennart Mar 8 '18 at 12:39
  • @Lennart I have added the sqlfiddle. – Nandakumar V Mar 8 '18 at 13:34

This is rather tricky to do in MySQL compared to other DBMS:s. One way to try to overcome the limitations in MySQL, is to use user-defined variables. I must admit I find them almost counter-intuitive to use, so there may be errors in here:

update article a 
join (
    select case when @category <> category_id 
                then @rownum := 1 
                else @rownum := @rownum+1 
           end rownum, id
         , case when @category <> category_id 
                then @category := category_id 
    from article b
    cross join (select @category := -1) c
    order by b.category_id, b.id
) as r 
    on r.id = a.id  
set a.sort_order = r.rownum;

The idea here is that we traverse category according to order by b.category_id, b.id. We initialize @category to a category that does not exist (select @category := -1) c. Every time that category changes, we reset rownum to 1, if category is unchanged we increase rownum. The result:


I would probably look for other solutions if I were you. Ideas you may want to try is to use a cursor, I would even consider doing the update in a host language a viable option.

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