The data in the pg_stat_statements table is really useful for me. I need to know the queries and the time they take. How can I perform a query to pg_stat_statements to get the "total_time" over the last 2 hours? I see no column for this.


If you are interested in a two hour period, you can collect the aggregated data, save it with a insert statement and then call pg_stat_statements_reset() for refreshing the data.

  SUM(total_time) as total_sum,
  (total_time / 1000 / 60) as total_minutes, 
  (total_time/calls) as average_time
FROM pg_stat_statements 

Maybe you can also check The Statistics Collector to extend your data.

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  • I think SUM isn't needed? select query, total_time, ... would be the same? — There's no group by. – KajMagnus Feb 17 at 8:31

I don't know of a canned tool to do this. But you can easily create a table which has the same columns as pg_stat_statements and an extra timestamptz column, then have a scheduled task take a snapshot of pg_stat_statements into this table every 2 hours. Then you can take the differences between adjacent snapshots of the same query.

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