I am using SentryOne Plan Exporer.

When I right click in the execution plan pane in SSMS, the first option is

View with SentryOne Plan Explorer

Clicking this fires up an instance of Plan Explorer and opens the execution plan.

If I leave Plan Explorer open and then run another query in SSMS and right click in the Execution Plan pane and once again click View With SentryOne Plan Explorer, nothing happens. I would have thought either a new tab or new instance of Plan Explorer would open or a new tab in the already running instance?

Am I doing something wrong or is this a feature?


Well, the best option is to just generate the plan from within SentryOne Plan Explorer in the first place, instead of switching back and forth. You get much richer metrics this way, because we capture a bunch of things SSMS doesn't, including actual costs, I/O, and Index Analysis.

But yes, this is a defect (no, not a feature) that will be fixed in the next release. It came about after we had to change the add-in yet again due to the evolution of SSMS and how it works with add-ins. We hope they'll stick to the 17.x model for a while.

(I'm the Product Manager of Plan Explorer.)

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