I was testing a three node AlwaysOn availability group cluster. SQL Server is on Node 1 and I powered off Node 1 and Node 3 simultaneously. The cluster lost its quorum and appear to be down. I tried following "Force a WSFC Cluster to Start Without a Quorum", but I am unable to bring the cluster online. It is stuck is "joining" state.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

What can we do now?

cluster log

Initially the cluster service is down. After executing the Start-ClusterNode command it goes into running state. I have tried restarting the cluster service and also restarting the node, but can't force quorum.


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In the screenshot it shows the attempt to use -FixQuorum as part of the Start-ClusterNode cluster powershell commands, however the cluster log shows that quorum was not forced.

Your log shows the following:

Creating cluster node <vector len='1'>

Which is just starting up the cluster service. The log is also missing the fact stating that on this node quorum was forced.

Here is an example of how a cluster log (WSFC 2016, like the one you posted) would look if you forced quorum on the node:

Creating cluster node <vector len='2'>

Additionally, you'd see another entry further down:

[CS] FixQuorum mode is on

My suggestion is to log locally onto the server and try running the powershell command (after shutting down the cluster service if it's still running):

Start-ClusterNode -Node SQL2 -ForceQuorum

Then check the status about 15 seconds later with:

Get-ClusterNode -Node SQL2

Check to see what is the status and also check the cluster log to see if the ForceQuorum switch was properly passed.

  • Thanks for the pointer. Weird, I tried "net.exe start clussvc /forcequorum " instead of powershell and it worked. Went back to trying powershell agian and weirdly powershell also works. Thanks so much for the help.
    – sercurity
    Mar 19, 2018 at 0:49

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