How to remove existing content before entering a replicaset the first time?

mongodb worries about:

... has data already, cannot initiate set. All members except initiator must be empty.

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db.dropDatabase() will drop the database, which will also drop all of the collections within a database.

If you need to see what databases you have, you can do show dbs.

Update: Here's a script to delete everything, make sure you really want to do this:

var dbs = db.getSisterDB('admin').adminCommand("listDatabases").databases
for(d in dbs) db.getSisterDB(dbs[d].name).dropDatabase();
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    WARNING: This will drop the admin and local db's also
    – Salakar
    Commented Apr 20, 2017 at 4:18

You can delete the contents of the mongodb data directories.

On Unix-like operating systems, using the default apths:

systemctl stop mongod   # or the equivalent if not using something with systemd
rm -r /var/lib/mongodb/*  # Double check that this is not a box with data you want to keep (i.e a secondary, not the initiator
systemctl start mongod  # or the relevant one for your init system

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