I am new to PostgreSQL, but I just installed 10.x and was asked to type a root/admin password which I could not leave empty. I hence entered a password I know very well since i only intend for this to be a localhost database.

But when prompted by 3rd party application which uses PostgresSQL to login I only know password - and I can not login correctly.

Being optimistic I tried to start pgbench.exe from commandline which asks for password - but it says that password authentication failed for my name.

Is here anyway to reset password and setup a proper user/password account or somehow fix the situation? And maybe some kind of frontend tool I can use for testing? I have searched for pg_hba file, but I only have a "sample" file.

I have installed into path D:\databases\Postgresql\10

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If you are using the EDB installer, when it asks for a password, that is the password for the PostgreSQL user named postgres, not for the user named tom.

Perhaps there is a way to make our 3rd party app connect as postgres?

Or if you want it to use the database role whose name matches your Windows account name, you should be able to connect with

psql.exe -U postgres postgres

And then:

create user tom with password 'hi tom';
  • Thank you - yes apparently it was for user postgres - would be greated if installer mentioned that. I assumed root or admin or similar :)
    – Tom
    Mar 22, 2018 at 10:39

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