I have two databases with identical table structures

Dest.db = main Source.db = src

the table is called


structure of colorramp is

ID | name | xml | favorite


main.colorramp needs to be updated with items from src.colorramp WHERE name=name. (So I don't want to use the ID or PRIMARYKEY)

I have an sql query that looks like the following.

UPDATE colorramp 
SET colorramp.xml=(SELECT s1.xml FROM src.colorramp s1 WHERE colorramp.name=s1.name),
SET colorramp.favorite=(SELECT s1.favorite FROM src.colorramp s1 WHERE s1.name=colorramp.name)

But i keep getting the error below.

[Error: near ".":syntax error]

Help much appreciated.

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    Have you tried looking at the UPDATE syntax in the manual? – mustaccio Mar 21 '18 at 14:54

The problem is that you are using table names (SET colorramp.xml=...). This is not allowed; just use SET xml=... instead.

Anyway, the entire statement can be simplified:

UPDATE main.colorramp
SET (xml, favorite) = (SELECT xml, favorite
                       FROM src.colorramp
                       WHERE main.colorramp.name = src.colorramp.name);

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