Does anyone knows how to check the currently memory_limit of replication server? I need to increase the memory_limit of my replication server, but I couldn't check the current memory limit. Can anyone help?

W. 2018/03/22 15:58:08. WARNING #7038 SQM(199:0 pds.pdb1) - de/generic/mem/mem.c(2763) WARNING: Memory usage is above 80 percent. Increase 'memory_limit' or reduce cache sizes to avoid repserver threads from sleeping due to lack of memory.

W. 2018/03/22 15:58:53. WARNING #7039 DSI EXEC(199(1) pds.pdb1) - de/generic/mem/mem.c(2763) WARNING CANCEL: Memory usage is below 80 percent.


Have you tried using the 'admin config' command to display current configuration settings?

admin config, memory_limit

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